What Is CBDistillery CBD?

The CBDistillery was founded in 2016. Started by Colorado natives, it quickly became a really popular brand in today’s CBD market.

One of the reasons why it easily became a hit among consumers is the brand’s dedication to providing high-quality CBD products at a reasonable price. In addition to that, CBDistillery is also dedicated to educating people about CBD and its benefits.

Knowing that people have different needs and reactions to CBD, they have a wide range of CBD products. There are options for you whether you want full spectrum or isolate products.

CBDistillery makes hemp products from Colorado-grown industrial hemp. Every product they offer is guaranteed to meet strict quality control standards and that there’s no GMO, pesticides or any harmful chemicals.

Summary of CBDistillery

CBDistillery, based in Denver, CO, was founded in 2016 by Colorado natives who had the vision of running a transparent operation that created high-quality CBD products at affordable prices.

The company has thrived in a short time, getting into 1,200 retail locations across the nation and offering 95 specific products. After starting with five people on staff, they now employ over 80 and counting.

The product creation process is impressive as well.

CBDistillery sources its hemp from over 900 acres of farmland in primarily Colorado and Kentucky.

Before they are turned into a final product, the hemp plants undergo five quality assurance tests. These occur periodically throughout the lifetime of the plants to ensure they are clean and safe for consumption.

The company then uses CO2 or ethanol to extract the CBD oil. Both solvents produce clean, pure oil, but the team prefers using CO2 when possible.

In keeping with their commitment to transparency, CBDistillery also offers third-party lab results for each of their products. These results, called certificates of analysis (COAs), show the potency and purity of a product.

In addition to the COAs available online, products have a QR code that allows customers to find the batch results of their specific items.

After thoroughly testing products and analyzing the operations of CBDistillery, we feel comfortable recommending them as a trustworthy business that is leading the industry in transparency, product quality, and affordability.



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